Mrs. Ferguson’s Favorites

Note: Mrs. Ferguson’s birthday was actually on December 22. Ever thoughtful of others, she was adamant that we not mention her birthday or celebrate it until after the holidays, because she did not want to inconvenience anyone.

So, we are celebrating her birthday on Tuesday, January 29th. Please bring in something special for her birthday. You can have your child make her a birthday card, or you can even buy her something from her Favorites List below. Let’s shower her with love and appreciation!

Thank you!


Lays Classic Chips, Fruit, Veggies

Sweet Treats

See’s Candy, Pie


Starbucks, Vitamin Water Zero, Red Wine


Texas de Brazil, Chili’s, Panera, Silver Palace, Mimi’s Café, Black Angus,

Fast Food

In-n-Out, Chipotle, Panda Express, McDonalds, Any Pizza


Target. Kohl’s, Penney’s, Amazon


Travel, Movies, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm