Leopard Hugs

cheetahs-hugging-799290.jpgHave you heard about Leffingwell’s Leopard Hugs? It’s our unique program that helps ease minor worries for our families at Leffingwell Elementary. Some people don’t have family in Whittier, so that’s where we can step in by offering a little extra help.

With the introduction of Leopard Hugs in 2012 by Heather Wagner, we have been able to deliver homework & meals, make sure students were able to make it to & from school, and send get well wishes.

This year, we would like to make sure that all the kids and parents know about the program. Not everyone has family here in Whittier. When illness, a car accident, change of work hours, or even a new baby comes home, we want them to know we care and want to help, if we possibly can.

  • A child will be out for more than three days
  • A child or family member is in the hospital
  • A future Leopard will be coming home
  • A family needs some help with rides, homework packages, etc.

Please contact us below if you can help or if you or someone you know needs help.