The Leffingwell Elementary PTA funds and books all assemblies at Leffingwell Elementary School.

Check back for final dates and times.

Imagination Machine

imagination_machine_logoThe Imagination Machine’s most popular assembly will literally bring your students’ own stories to life! Nothing inspires your students to write like watching their own words spring onto the stage, fully-fleshed out in a complete production with professional actors, music, props and costumes! The selected authors also receive a Certificate of Writing Achievement at the end of the show. This is the show that will have your students begging to write stories!

dude be nice!

Logo-dnnThe dude. be nice project is a platform to inspire people to build a positive community by recognizing a person or group in a fun, creative, and meaningful way. We’re all for making people feel appreciated.

Dancing Scientist

d21a3a_ef10789408ff40de9f1aa751c126db67mv2.jpg“So You Think You Can Do Science” is a 50 minute high-energy chemistry demonstration show that is designed as a school program. The performance is very entertaining, but the goal is 100% educational. The show is full of oozing, flying, fizzing, and color changing science. The experiments are set to music and 25% of the experiments are done while dancing. The educational topics discussed include acids & bases, energy, polymers, alternative fuels, catalysts, light, and careers in science. The show is complete with volunteers, upbeat music, competitions, and occasional jaw-dropping dance moves.

Science on the Go

cropped-FROG-Header1Science On The Go assemblies incorporate a 32-foot visual display with both live and preserved specimens for a unique hands-on learning experience. Our programs are carefully crafted to ensure that science comes alive for every participant. Presentations are tailored appropriately for each grade level, ensuring that both the curriculum and the vocabulary used follow grade level standards. Presentations incorporate all modalities of learning, calling on students to use their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic skills.


*Assemblies are subject to change without notice.