Creative Minds Behind Spirit Assembly

Ms. G., Lauren Fielder, & Rebecca Hernandez (not pictured: Lenae Silva)

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Rebecca Hernandez, Lauren Fielder, Lenae Silva, and Brittney Guerra (Ms. G.), along with the acting talents of Mr. Sill (Long John Sill), Erick Soto (One-Eyed Soto) and Dr. Blackwell (Captain Blackwell), our first Spirit Assembly was a big success!

Our Spirit Assembly series sets the theme for our new school year. This year, Leffingwell is On the Quest for Knowledge. Our first assembly sets the stage by helping our scalawags begin the journey. But, before we start on our quest, we need valuable tools and each other to help us on our way. We must be:



Long John Sill & One-Eyed Soto begin their Quest for Knowledge


Once Captain Blackwell started the crew on their quest, Ms. G. and the Leopard Leadership lead the school in learning our 2017-2018 Leffingwell School Song & School Dance.

Students, teachers, and parents alike were enthusiastic and excited about our new theme. Even East Whittier City School District’s new superintendent, Marc Patterson took time out of his schedule to attend our first Spirit Assembly.

Throughout the year, we will continue the quest and discover new parts of Leffingwell’s Quest for Knowledge!


Kindergarteners through Third Graders learn the 2017-2018 Leffingwell School Dance

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