clipboardWe appreciate parent volunteers at Leffingwell. Even as a volunteer, your commitment needs to be professional. While you are on campus you are a role model for our students. In order to keep our students safe and reduce disruptions, please adhere to the following rules:

  • All visitors must sign-in/sign-out at the office and wear a visitor’s sticker while on campus.
  • All visitors must have prior permission from the teacher to volunteer in a classroom.
  • Parents are not allowed to eat lunch at the lunch tables with students. Please check your child out for lunch if you would like to eat with him/her.
  • The teacher’s priority is his/her students! Please do not interrupt while instruction is taking place. Refrain from parent conversations (if other parents are also volunteering) and refrain from talking on your cellphone as these things are very disruptive to the teacher and students.
  • Please keep our hallways clear and quiet. If you wish to have conversations with other parents during school hours, please go off campus.
  • All volunteers, no matter what job they perform, have an obligation to keep in confidence all information that pertains to the students and staff they assist. Information regarding students, staff, and other volunteers is not to be discussed with anyone who is not entitled to such information.
  • Volunteers should not use student bathrooms. Please use the “Adults Only” bathrooms in the office.
  • Do not speak to a student about behavior issues. Behavioral concerns are addressed by teachers and administrators only. Let the teacher know if there is a problem.

Posted by Joseph Dzidrums

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